Truck-tech UK Ltd are specialists in the design and development of axle overload systems on-board weighing systems.  From small vans to HGV’s we have a product application for you.

From basic overload protection to legal for trade systems including dynamic bin weighing.

A range of products that help any fleet or operator improve vehicle efficiency road safety and profitability.

Truck-tech UK are partners and re- sellers for some of the top products for the international road transport market for end user and OEM’s. We also provide bespoke weighing systems.

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INS TC3000

The INS TC3000 meets both methods of the proposed
SOLAS guidelines.


On-board weighing systems for material handling lifting units can dramatically improve costs.

Saving time

Saving energy

Saving manpower

Preventing overload of trucks


Mobile weighing has become not only a time saver, but also a management tool.

Weighing anywhere and anytime you want

Weighing and handling at the same time

No more wrong loading of vehicles

No more repeated or extra loading of vehicles

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A three point weighing system using industry standard loadcells in the rear tipping gear and a very high standard hydraulic pressure transducer is used in the front tipping gear monitoring the locked pressure supporting the load.

The Easy-Weigh truck and trailer scale has great cost benefits when purchasing new trucks or as a retro fit by not having to modify or use nonstandard front end tipping gear.

For rigid tipper there is the DIN mount option or for trailer applications there is the trailer display with hand held for use in the cab or even outside while monitoring the loading of the trailer.

Truck – Tech UK offer the following benefits and features with the Easy-Weigh range.

Lower cost

2 year warranty

No extra cables between truck & trailers

Industry standard accuracy loadcells

Alarms for target loads

After care and service back up

Suitable for OEM and retro fit




Developed to work with the most popular reversing aid on the market the Brigade BS-8000 Backsense radar system.

Using the BS-8000 programmable detection zones you can now add on the autobrake feature which applies the vehicle brakes once the red zone is activated.

EBS & ABS brake systems

Installed in just a few hours

Brakes are applied then released

Override function for tight manoeuvres

Help prevent the risk of accidents and collision while reversing with RODS.

RadarEYE active detection system

The extremely sturdy RadarEye sensors ensure that this active detection system is highly suitable for (heavy) work vehicles, such as construction machinery, trucks and large forklifts. The professional SRD sensors detect stationary as well as moving objects in a prescribed zone, and are not influenced by poor conditions such as rain, mud, dust, snow or temperature changes. RadarEye can easily be expanded with several SRD sensors around a vehicle or machine.




Orlaco offers camera monitor vision solutions for trucks, trucks with trailers, and all other truck configurations. Our camera systems are developed with a view to improving safety, efficiency and comfort.

The size and design of the truck, together with the position of the operator, can create large blind spots around the truck. An Orlaco camera monitor system gives the operator the extra pair of eyes he needs, irrespective of the type of truck and the operating conditions.

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Botek develops, manufactures and supplies solutions to measure, monitor and optimize waste collection services within the recycling and waste management industry.

The on-vehicle solution includes digital driving routes, identification of bins via RFID and equipment for automatic weighing of waste. Each collection is data recorded with additional information such as exceptions and GPS position which are reported back to the office in real-time.

The RFID system is designed to increase fleet efficiency by reducing the number of missed bins, avoid service to non-paying clients and provide validation of services to customers. The weighing system increases collection accuracy by detecting overloaded bins and provides valid weight data for invoicing which is an incentive for increased recycling rates and reduce landfill costs.

Boteks solutions help the service providers to achieve a quality controlled collection process which leads to efficient and profitable operations.

Applications include:

Rear Loaders

Front Loaders

Side Loaders

Chassis Mounted Under Floor

Tail Lifts

  • Fast and accurate weighing without stopping the lift
  • Accurate to 0.5 kilo ideal for light waste
  • Approved according to MID and OIML R51 for trade weighing and domestic pay-by-weight
  • Robust design with long life
  • Self-diagnostics, service log and remote support via Botek Helios web
  • Easy operation
  • Bin weighing embedded application available for digital route list, overload alarms and printout
  • Add a Botek RFID-system for automatic weight and data recording
  • Data output to a Botek route system or any third party systems

Available for most makes of bin lifter which can be ordered loadcell ready for simplified installation.

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KINISHI Fleetsure

Remote Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)
All tyres including spares are constantly monitored, whether moving or parked, using wireless sensors which are either screwed directly onto each valve stem or fitted internally. Individual pressure levels, temperatures and warnings can be displayed in the cab as well as being transmitted to relevant fleet management personnel who will know if a warning is ignored.

Fleet-wide reports can also be generated to identify tyres requiring attention before drivers even arrive at their vehicles or trailers.

Remote On-Board Weighing vehicle tracking.

Accurately measure cab and trailer axle weights, gross vehicle weight (GVW) and the net weight of each payload. Journey summaries and delivery tickets can be printed via an optional in-cab printer and all data can be continuously made available live in the cab for the driver and remotely for all other relevant parties.

Alerts can be escalated for variations beyond specified ranges and, when using the Dispatcher module, payload weights can be automatically associated with specific jobs.

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