Botek automatic bin weighing system for rear loaders and side loaders weighs dynamic and records collected weight from all types of domestic and trade containers. The scale is designed for mobile use and weighing is compensated for lifter acceleration and inclination of the vehicle without limitations. The robust load cell is installed in-between lifter and comb and connected to a weighing instrument mounted in the cabin.


Available for most makes of bin lifter which can be ordered load cell-ready for simplified installation. Vehicles without load cell-dummy can be rebuilt and also equipped with a Botek dynamic bin weighing system.


  • The bin weighing system can be connected to an on-board computer or Botek B5000 control unit for further advanced features. By adding a Botek RFID system; the weight information from the scale automatically connects to the correct bin.
  • Fast and accurate weighing without stopping the lift
  • Accurate to 0.5 kilo; ideal for light waste
  • Approved according to MID and OIML R51 for trade weighing and domestic pay-by-weight
  • Robust design with long life
  • Self-diagnostics, service log and remote support via Botek Helios web
  • Easy operation
  • Bin weighing embedded application available for digital route list, overload alarms and printout
  • Add a Botek RFID-system for automatic weight and data recording
  • Data output to a Botek route system or any third party systems


Capacity: 150kg/2-wheel bin – 300kg/4-wheel bin (Increased capacity upon request)

Division: 0.5 kg up to 300 kg (Increased division upon request)

Inclination: Without limitation

Approval: OIML R51 class Y(b) CE- and M-label

Botek Chassis Scale B6CV

Botek chassis scale B6CV is developed and certified according to the latest regulations for mobile weighing. It is approved legal for trade weighing, to be used for financial transactions such as billing based on collected or unloaded weight.

The scale is installed between the chassis and the body of the vehicle. It is widely used when emptying containers, underground containers, 4-wheel bins or when unloading different fractions.


  • Rear loaders with and without winch or crane
  • Front loaders
  • Hook lifts with and without crane
  • Sewer trucks/vacuum trucks/Bulk vehicles
  • Tippers
  • Multi-fraction vehicles for unloading and managing different fractions


  • Accurate weighing directly on the vehicle
  • Developed for mobile weighing with tilt compensation
  • Approved “legal for trade”
  • Sturdy construction with robust load cells for mounting with 4 x M24 bolts
  • Increase the utilization rate and avoid overload with the built-in overload alarm
  • User-friendly interface with display showing single weighing and total load
  • Possible to store and sum weighings incl. fraction details
  • Print tickets with individual weights, fractions, date and time as well as the total for the day
  • Optional Bluetooth connection for showing current weight and operate the scale through your smartphone
  • Option to add vehicle computer, route software and RFID system


  • Capacity: up to 24 000 kg
  • Accuracy: 10 kg < 10t > 20kg
  • Approval: NMI R76
  • Class: III or IIII

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